Individual Life Insurance - Today, practically more than ever, proper life insurance for your family and/or asset protection is absolutely vital. Through your LifeTel relationship, you'll be able to offer your clients a full array of the industry's best carriers, products, benefits, rates.. You name it! BUT, more than just having the complete arsenal at your disposal, you'll advise and sell properly. Life insurance is NOT a random, arbitrary purchase. Competently advising your client on the best type of product for them.. The appropriate amount of coverage.. Additional benefits and features that might be ideally suited for them, and so on.. ALL of these things are critically important to proper insurance planning and selling. 

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance - Did you know that going back as far as anyone can remember  the single purchase made when a person or family, on their own, looks at their life insurance needs is when they buy a home. It's a fact! And, Mortgage Protection is also one of the most unique and profitable markets in the entire industry. Proper planning to ideally leave a paid-off home to your client's survivors is another critically important area of concern and appropriate coverage is essential. Through your LifeTel relationship, you'll have all of the tools needed PLUS the proper training to flat-out own the MP market space.

Final Expense Insurance - Your clients may not want to think about their funeral expenses when they hope to still have decades to live. But as with other ancillary insurance benefits, it is important that they do so. Through your LifeTel relationship, you'll have all of the resources imaginable that can help you discuss coverage with your clients and help them choose the proper protection that spares their loved ones the financial burden generally associated with funeral costs. Just another arena in the broader marketplace where the right planning is extremely important. Plus, it's a very profitable niche market that you'll have a substantial advantage over the competition, working through the LifeTel method. 

Business Life Insurance - Yes! LifeTel also works in the advanced markets as well. We are a very competent and, in fact, very skilled agency working in concept design and selling in the business life insurance arena. No matter what structure and/or style of program needed, we'll train you to lock down that business. Quite obviously more than in any other area, you'll receive unmatched technical support and expertise through all phases of the process to make sure we EARN those cases and leave the competition behind. Through your LifeTel relationship, you'll learn how to attract and effectively support, market to and sell to your advanced markets clientele. 

Annuities - Annuity sales are at an all-time high for our industry. A range of annuity options makes annuities a viable and appealing investment strategy for many retirement planners. Learn the ins and outs of fixed and variable annuities with LifeTel’s Annuity 101 and other training tools. Keep current with the latest annuity news. In short, LifeTel Financial can help you offer the best possible guidance and products in this burgeoning retirement planning sector.

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