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The LifeTel Difference

LifeTel Financial is an incredibly rare and unique hybrid in the industry today. In fact, we are a very interesting amalgamation of a modern day, extremely efficient insurance marketing organization AND an equally effective retail sales organization. The strength of the fusion of those two parts makes for an absolutely unbeatable "punch" that we lay on any potential competitor.

Ask yourself - What does EVERY agent in the life insurance industry today, and for as long as anyone can remember, actually need to be successful in this business? On top of product and traditional brokerage resources, agents need, crave and beg for: Training. Support. Actual, qualified and consistent LEADS. It's fascinating when you think about it because it's always been the case and yet NOBODY to date has truly ever delivered on all 3. And, without question, NOBODY has been able to combine the true, full spectrum ALL "under one roof" in one know-how company. That is, until now and is the sole reason we started LifeTel.

Our management team has the tip-top of the industry experience in insurance wholesale marketing. Our team has sat on the board of directors of some of the leading insurance marketing organizations in the country, has led executive design teams to create some of the most innovative product structures that dominate today's marketplace and we've been right there in ALL phases and in and at all levels of the business from the boardroom all of the way down to the client's signature on the application. Our management have been actual sales leaders in the life insurance industry. NOT those merely speculating or hypothesizing about actual sales scenarios, but actually having been there, having made the sales and having stood far out from the pack as the top dogs! And, most importantly, our experience and expertise includes and rests primarily on effective insurance presentation and selling in the 21st century using current methodology and utilizing and taking advantage of modern resources and technology.

LifeTel's entire focus in everything we do, whether it be with our exceptional personal producers or with our incredible team builders, is all about maximizing insurance production and volume - Period.

If you're finally ready to take your insurance career to the only real level that matters yielding your targeted income, maximum flexibility, opportunity to advance and ultimately the desired quality of life.. Join the LifeTel revolution today!